The Keeping the Key Report
"How to give your email newsletters impact and influence"
By Mark Brownlow, Dec 2001, 128p. Now free to read online

Buy your copy of the Keeping the Key ReportThe only detailed guide available on how to turn your subscribers into loyal, active enthusiasts for you, your publication and your offers.

"Whether you're starting your newsletter or an industry veteran, you need this book."
Mike McLaughlin, Publisher

People who've signed up for your email newsletter have entrusted you with the key to their inbox.

And they've given you access to all the potential benefits of email marketing.

But how do you keep that key?

You probably know the fundamentals of composing and sending email publications - but do you know how to really build effective, long-term customer and reader relationships through your newsletter?

How do you make sure people welcome and read your mails when there are thousands of alternatives competing for their attention?

How do you turn your subscribers into loyal enthusiasts for your email marketing endeavors? 

How do you build trust and rapport with your readers, so they'll respond positively to your advice, offers or advertisements?

Just what makes an email newsletter effective? What keeps it out of the delete folder and in your readers' minds?

"Just a quick note to say that I thought your book was terrific! I mean a real masterpiece and just crying out to be printed in hardcover and stacked 20 deep in the front lobby of Barnes and Noble. Wow."
Michael J. Katz, Blue Penguin Development

The Keeping the Key report talks you through the elements of an effective email newsletter.

It shows you how the way you present, manage and deliver your email newsletter impacts on your readership.

You'll see how to plan your content and scope to better meet your needs and those of your readers.

You'll discover why newsletter personality is the final, crucial key to email marketing success, and how to use this knowledge to your best advantage.

Learn, for example:

  • how to determine the right content for your publication
  • the correct balance between content and promotion
  • how to choose a content strategy
  • which length and frequency is best for your newsletter
  • the role of voice and personality
  • how to determine a suitable personality and style
  • when to introduce personal stories and opinion
  • the metrics of newsletter success
  • the right way to handle subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • how to make better use of list messages
  • the critical value of your email headers
  • what to put in those vital first lines
  • the importance of newsletter structure
  • how to best exploit reader feedback
  • ...and more...

Dozens of links to articles and other online resources round off the report, which is written for all email publishers, but especially for businesses using newsletters to gain and retain customers.

Email newsletters are the only way for you or your organization to stand out from the inbox crowd and build long-term email marketing relationships. Make sure your e-newsletter is working for you...

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